No BS 101s: 3 words to get the most out of your life

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Remember this for later: DecidedLY because changes what was.

  1. Decided: Studies have proven that only 8% of people stick with New Year resolutions that they ‘’decide’’ to complete. What does this mean? it means — when someone decides something they havent done it yet! they are about to do it!
    So if you hear the word decided from your boss, doctor, partner, child — know there is a green flag! this is your chance, listen carefully after this trigger word.
  2. LY words: What are these? typically words that end in ‘’LY’’ such as; usually, normally etc.
    Recap to earlier, can you typically have 3 children? how does that even work? do you put one in a closet sometimes? probably not.
    Listen carefully when you hear these, what someone is telling you is that most of the time, that is not possible, but sometimes, it is.
    We only need it to work some of the time!
  3. Because: This is when you come in with your reasoning, after you hear uncertainty in your manager’s decision, your family’s refusal, your potential client hesitating and so on.




Health Coach Space Enthusiast Bookworm

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Ankitha Iyer

Ankitha Iyer

Health Coach Space Enthusiast Bookworm

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